Forced Adaptation: Tips for running your business during these challenging times

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Business Tips During These Challenging Times

With many US businesses closed or force to operate in limited capacity, its important to learn to navigate our quickly changing workplace. These tactics will help to keep you connected to you customers and may just save your small business.

Video Chat

Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts have been around for years and there has never been a better time to use them creatively. Newcomer (and somewhat controversial) Zoom has surged recently, and is othewise an easy method to connect with family, friends, or work conferences. Gyms and fitness instructors have discovered they can hold online classes and keep memberships in tact.


Record your screen as a video screen capture and create a presentation with audio. This is a great free tool to create trainings, product reviews, and walkthroughs for services business and training libraries. Post to YouTube and take advantage of the added SEO value!

If creating YouTube videos is not part of your content marketing strategy it should be. So if you have not started harnessing the power of video content for your business by now, its time. Create your free Channel, record some content and start posting to it now. YouTube is a tremendous tool for SEO value.  Technically speaking, YouTube could be considered the second most popular “search engine”, behind Google.


YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other free applications are another good option for presenting to larger audiences or congregations like churches, classrooms or seminars.

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