5 SEO-Boosting Social Media Strategies to Try Today

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Social Media Strategies to Try

These days, it’s virtually impossible to practice digital marketing without updating your stash of social media strategies. But social media, just like the field of marketing itself, is an ever-evolving platform where some rules remain constant, while others are in a state of constant flux.

And yet, global social media research statistics point to the benefits of social media marketing tactics. In a recently published Global WebIndex report by Smart Insights, almost 60 percent of the global population is already online, with more than 3.8 billion of them being active social media users.

So, what does this mean for the search engine optimization efforts of your website? It means there are various opportunities being offered by social for your overall online marketing efforts.

Here are 5 SEO-boosting social media strategies you can try for your website today:

#1 Customer Service through Social media

With consumers spending more time in social media, it has also become a convenient space for them to communicate with the brands they love and business pages they follow. Conversely, it can also be a place where they air out negative experiences or comments about a business or brand.

To use to this your advantage, you could amp up customer service efforts through your social media pages as well. After all, consumers expect brands to address questions and concerns within the same day of posting, as revealed in a recent digital marketing report.

When you take your consumers seriously on social media, you bet they’re going to take your business seriously, too.

#2 Videos as Storytelling Tools

One of the more effective social media strategies you can use for SEO purposes are videos, whether they’re informational, marketing, or even live videos that chronicle events, product launches, and influencer marketers in real-time.

Videos, which effectively combine the visual and the auditory, are a great storytelling tool for you to engage more easily and effectively with your social media followers. Great videos also produce the potential for quality links and positive social signals such as likes and shares.

Live videos, moreover, present a raw and authentic way for your consumers to get to know about your brand better. And one of the more recent video-sharing social network apps to skyrocket in popularity is TikTok, which typically appeals to young users and fun-loving adults.

#3 Influencer Marketing

It’s not just celebrities or supermodels who can position themselves successfully as influencers. With regular consumers relying on ‘real’ people using actual products and reviewing about them, the classification of influencers and endorsers has now become localized, and even nearer to home.

One social media strategy you can employ for your business is to hire the right influencer for your brand. Micro influencers who are better-known in your local community and have a more personal relationship with their followers, can become helpful ambassadors for your business on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks.

#4 Augmented Reality Shopping

AR or augmented reality is one of the more recent social media strategies which businesses can try for better engagement and conversions. Through AR, your consumers can shop for your product items right from within the social media pages.

Should they find an image they love on Pinterest, or an outfit they would love to copy on Instagram, they will be redirected to your website and shown similar items which they can readily purchase in a few clicks.

The popularity of augmented reality ads is expected to rise, securing as much as $13 billion dollars yearly beginning 2022, as stated in a Tractica report.

#5 Social Media Communities

Finally, a good social media strategy is building a group or a community that allows for the sharing of insights, reviews, and updates related to your business, products/services, promotions, and events.

When things go from good to challenging, your community of loyal followers could even defend your brand on your behalf. This is actually supported by research, as it has been found that 84% of buyers will choose a brand they already follow on social media over the competition.

The challenge, of course, is to build trust and to turn mere consumers into loyal fans. Approximately only 34% of consumers fully trust the businesses they buy from. This goes to say that building a strong fan base requires more than just conversion.

The Social Media Connection

An authentic, welcoming, and active social media presence can give your SEO efforts a good boost where and when needed. However, there is no pre-packaged social media marketing solution that works for all. Your social media SEO tactics simply need to be an overall relevant fit for the kind of market you serve and operate in.

By keeping your eyes out for evolving social media trends and updates appropriate to your niche, you are able to bring your business to where your consumers are, and precisely where they need you to be.

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