5 Best Benefits of Landing Pages for Content Marketing

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5 Best Benefits of Landing Pages for Content Marketing

Landing pages are specific pages in your website that you create for a specific purpose. When employed alongside content marketing, it can bring unprecedented opportunities to your online business and drive more inbound traffic to your website, blog, or e-commerce site.

But, what are landing pages?

As stated above, a landing page is a specific type of website page that greets your visitors once they have clicked on your advertisement or organic content. Ideally, a landing page should be different from your website’s home page (although for some, a home page may function as a landing page given a few distinct elements).

The great thing about landing pages is that they provide a ready means for the website to engage with visitors. So whether you are leading them from a blog to check out a free e-book, or from your social page to fill out a registration form for a weekly webinar, landing pages can be tailored to fit specific messages and business goals.

Below, we outline a few of the biggest benefits of landing pages in content marketing. While these are not exhaustive, they do aim to give you a good picture of what landing pages can do for your overall online marketing efforts.

Benefit #1 Ensure Easy Site Navigation

What usually happens with businesses that don’t have landing pages is that their audience clicks on a specific ad or CTA (call to action) in a blog post and gets taken to the website home page instead. This, of course, is not entirely wrong —- after all, you have already succeeded in bringing a search or social user to your site.

A thing that could happen, however, is that your visitor will spend more time looking for the specific offer or message they expect to find at first click. This is usually the case if your home page’s content is too general or does not immediately provide the exact information indicated in your content marketing message.

With a landing page, you simplify site navigation by giving your visitors exactly what they want, right when they are already interested in what you’re saying.

Benefit #2 Lead Your Business Into New Directions

Another benefit of a landing page is that it can be a great tool in bringing new offers, products, and freebies to your target audience.

So whether you’re expanding, building a list, or intent on reaching a certain quota, a landing page can help you get there. Flexibility is one of the many advantages of a landing page. You can design it specifically to cater to your business goals at present, or in the future.

By bringing together a few key elements — headline, keywords, images, and call to action — you’re well on your way to communicating a new product, service, or upcoming event.

Benefit #3 Generate Quality Leads

Not everyone who views your content — whether it’s an infographic, blog post, or an email newsletter — is a qualified lead. But you can bet those who click on your link and engage with your landing page are people whose interests you’ve already piqued.

This is why a landing page is a great way for you to generate quality leads.

And once visitors are already on your landing page, the right headline, message, and CTA can reel them even further in. Consequently, this will improve your conversion rates more than just your click-through rates.

Benefit #4 Gain Better Visitor Insights

Given that landing pages allow you to specify certain business goals and tailor-fit the right messages, this will give you a vantage point from where to know your visitors better.

A landing page can be designed to include a registration form, where you can cull information and details from site visitors. You may also ask them to take a pop quiz or participate in a survey in exchange for a free offer or event ticket. These data are extremely useful in knowing which offers or products appeal to which segments of your target market.

Benefit #5 Boost Branding and First Impressions

Because landing pages in your website typically greet your site visitors after they have clicked on your link from somewhere else (a Google ad, a social media post, or an email message), it’s an opportune way to make a lasting impact.

In fact, for many of your content marketing audience, this is the first engagement they may have with your actual website.

Other than your content marketing material, the landing page presents another opportunity for your business to cement the identity and credibility of your brand and what you can truly bring to market.

Pro Tip: Invest in Landing Pages Now!

If you have not yet started building specific landing pages for your website, now may be a good time to start. Landing pages allow you to address a need immediately, without making your users feel lost at navigating and finding what they need from your site.

Best of all, well-built landing pages can boost the conversion rates of your content marketing efforts.

This can help grow your inbound traffic and online business successfully and sustainably.

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