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Vital PPC Management for Your Enterprise

Let’s start by admitting one obvious truth: The Web is a vast and complex marketplace that remains impenetrable to millions of small businesses in the US and all over the world.  Online presence may be an easy concept to discuss in theory. But when it comes to practice and actual conversion, many small-to-medium enterprises struggle and lose first before winning the advertising battle.

Competition is at an all-time high, with hundreds of thousands of companies roughly offering the same type of products and services. So, how do you get the right attention and be heard for the right reasons?

This is where paid advertising management comes in.

At a time when you’re still building your brand or desperately driving traffic to your landing pages, paid marketing and advertising comes with its unique set of advantages.

The results are often fast, cost-effective, and measurable — the very things that start-up businesses can capitalize on.

At WebsiteGo, we strive to produce PPC management strategies that help our clients’ businesses grow.

From keyword research and bid management to ad copy writing, analytics, and tracking, our processes serve to give you the best possible ad results within the shortest amount of time.

Ensure Targeted PPC Management Services Today 

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PPC Management: Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns and More 

PPC management, or pay per click management, is focused on the management of pay per click advertising strategies and spending. It is done to ensure the best possible returns or ROI on your advertising budget.

Pay per click is termed as such because its cost depends largely on the number of clicks that an ad campaign receives. While there are other factors that that impact cost such as keyword bids, PPC works in such a way that you pay for an ad every time a prospect or returning customer clicks on it.

A few of the channels available for PPC advertising are Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and other forms of social media advertising.


And yet, PPC advertising is simply one part of the equation. A holistic PPC marketing campaign has to involve both sound advertising and consistent management.

Your first ad campaign may not necessarily be your last. And things don’t always work the first time, too.


With WebsiteGo, what you’ll get is an effective, scalable, and cost-efficient PPC management plan that brings the best results out of paid marketing efforts.


Whether you’re advertising for the first time or are already monitoring an existing campaign, we can help.

Our goal is to help bring your brand to greater heights through wise ad spending and marketing tactics.

Targeted PPC Management Areas and Metrics

There are two routes that any enterprise can take to ensure quality PPC campaigns. One is to train a PPC manager within the team; another is to outsource the responsibility to expert PPC management agency.

If you entrust the task to our PPC managers, our expertise and tools will provide you with a customized strategy, taking into account the following:

Let WebsiteGo Take Charge with PPC Management

Recent figures reveal that as much as 76% of ad spending through PPC does not even lead to one single conversion. This means PPC ad spending going to waste.

Running and growing a business require a different set of skills compared to managing PPC campaigns.

If you want to focus on your enterprise — and you should — then leave the PPC management work to us.

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WebsiteGo can monitor the quality and cost-efficiency of your campaigns so you can grow your business two-way: you, handling the entrepreneurial side; and us, managing online advertising efforts.

Need organic marketing tactics such as content marketing? We can help with that, too. But while it can take a while for content marketing efforts to reap results, PPC conversion is often faster and more measurable.

Talk to us today so we can get started.