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Online Reputation Management

Maintaining positive business reputation is as old as the practice of entrepreneurship itself. 

When it comes to growing your business and staying ahead, perception is everything.
How your market perceives your brand is just as crucial as how actually reliable and credible your products and services are.

And while the Internet has made it easier for your business to reach more customers, it has also resulted in the demand for greater transparency and accountability.

WebsiteGo can be your partner in making sure your online reputation  is positively upheld, strategically managed, and consistently monitored.

A quick Google search could impact brand perception in a span of minutes. Social media comments could lead to healthier popularity or worse peril.

And your ability to respond well to online comments and reactions can and will redound to your brand in more ways than one.

Online reputation management is reputation management, period. Anything less could have your business dealing with really serious risks.

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WebsiteGo: ORM Made Simple for Your Brand or Business

Understanding Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management: Ultimate Guide to ORM 

Online reputation management or ORM refers to the set of activities or practices undertaken by a company to create, preserve, and further its positive image online.

The need for businesses to cultivate an online presence has also opened it to the scrutiny, judgments, and immediate perceptions of a much broader audience. Gone are the days when brand experiences and business perceptions are simply passed around through word-of-mouth.

In these times, anyone could share a thing or two about your company in the search engines, on social media channels, and public online forums. Not only are your target audience looking out for for things being said and shared about your brand online. They are also keen on observing how quick how quick you are able to share information, address controversy, or balance out one-sided issues and concerns.

Over the years, too, the lines differentiating online and offline reputation have steadily blurred. Anything said about your brand online is bound to impact your business even offline.

The ultimate guide to effective and sustainable ORM starts with an understanding of its importance. Figures-wise, just how deep does the need for online reputation management go?

ORM Up Close: How Crucial is Online Reputation Management for Your Brand?

Online perception impacts businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have been an active player in the market for some time or have just entered as a fairly new competitor in your own niche, people are going to form judgments about your brand.

The digital space just makes it easier for feedback and comments to gain more traction and cover more ground within seconds.

In one of the latest figures published by GlobalStats, for example, Google earns the lion’s share of search engine traffic with as much as 92% search engine market share. Plus, as high as 95% of inbound traffic to a website come from the first page of Google results.

If your audience catches something unpleasant about your brand from the very first page of Google, they may no longer pursue doing business with you. New prospects or returning clients could be lost in a snap.

Online reviews play a major and crucial role in trust-building moreover. BrightLocal reports as many as 82% of consumers relying on online reviews before trusting a business. Of consumers that read reviews, moreover, as many as 10 reviews on average may be needed before a decision on trust can be made.

Just as importantly, almost all consumers that read reviews also read corresponding responses. Review responses, thus, present an important space for businesses to manage consumer perceptions and balance out pressing issues as they come.