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Crafting Email Marketing Campaigns that Work

Whether your goal is to build awareness, cement brand credibility, or improve sales, one digital marketing strategy stands tall above the rest:

Email marketing has retained its clout despite the omnipresence of social media and the omniscience of search engines. Every year, trillions of email exchanges are being conveyed globally, with the average subscriber receiving more than 10 commercial emails on a daily basis.
These very clearly point to one important thing: people do spend a substantial amount of time and activity through their respective emails.

And so, if you give your prospects something enticing and engaging through their inboxes, there’s every good reason for them to connect further with your business.

This largely explains why a well-planned email campaign can result to an ROI (Return on Investment) of as much as 4400%.

But what is email marketing, exactly?

And how is this expected to change or evolve with the rise of mobile platforms and social media channels?

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Creative Email Marketing:
Email Marketing Campaigns that Click 

One huge advantage of email marketing over other digital marketing strategies is that your audience is more likely to open and read your email message. There are, of course, many other benefits to email marketing.

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Email marketing is defined as a digital marketing strategy that makes use of emails to reach out to prospects, establish client relationships, build brand awareness, and convert engagement into sales.

For an email marketing campaign to be effective, it must be planned and tailored to fit the needs of a segmentized group of recipients who are, in effect, already your prospects or existing customers.

Email marketing campaigns rely on efficiency, authenticity, and effective tracking in order to work. And yet, email is already decades-old, compared to the more recent rise of social media and chat platforms. How is it still relevant even today? The statistics reveal a few astonishing truths.

In figures posted by research database Statista, there were as many as 281 billion email exchanges made all over the world in 2018. This number is forecasted to rise, with as many as 347 billion email exchanges taking place on a daily basis in the year 2022.

Email is also reportedly 40% more effective for new customer acquisition compared to Facebook and Twitter, says global management firm McKinsey.

The number of email users also exceeds the combined number of Facebook and Twitter users. Statista predicts almost 4.4 billion email users by the year 2023.

This goes without saying that effective email marketing campaigns are a must.

And just like other strategies, certain parameters ensure the effectiveness of email marketing plans across business models.

Get the Best Email Marketing Campaign Outreach and ROI 

To get the best ROI from your campaigns, you need to plan for an email marketing strategy that really delivers. A few basic guidelines are enumerated below: 

1. Identify your goals

Just like brands are differentiated from one to the other, no two email marketing strategies are the same. An email sequence strategy must cater to specific goals — whether it’s to craft a brand image, introduce a new product or service, or encourage sharing on social media platforms.

2. Build an organic email list

One of the basics of email marketing is to ensure there is permission to actually send the email. To send an unsolicited email is to relegate your message to the spam folder, never to be seen or read again. An opt-in email marketing strategy can help build your legitimate email list through prospects who are already interested in what you can offer. 

3. Invest in content

Good content serves as the meat and bones of your email marketing campaign. Not only should your headlines be enticing, easy-to-read, and free from errors; the overall content of your email sequences has to reflect the tone and flavor of your brand. Content is king, regardless of the type of digital marketing strategy being employed.

4. Don't forget mobile users

Depending on email type and audience niche, mobile email accounts for as much as 67% of all email access. Tailoring your campaign to appeal and become more accessible to mobile email users subsequently improves its outreach and ROI. 

5. Track campaign performance

This helps to test and monitor the effectiveness of present campaigns. You can also keep track of your subscribers, periodically weeding out those that are already inactive and creating personalized email approaches according to audience segmentation.

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