Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Who does not have an email from one, two (or more) brands in your inbox? I bet we all do. These messages run a gamut from a brand or product introduction, brand updates, surveys, to holiday greetings. These email messages are part of what is called Email Marketing.

Before technology and electronic emails came into the world, entrepreneurs would knock door to door or grab the opportunity in different social gatherings to meet people and introduce themselves, their services and products. The goal is to eventually do business with their new contacts. The postal system and eventually, the worldwide web made this process easier. And it has evolved into what is now email marketing.

Email Marketing is sending out email messages to recipients in a mailing list. This is part of a business’s digital marketing strategy and is usually a popular means of networking, searching for leads, contacting influencers, and promotion of services and products. Email marketing may also be employed to find potential business partners, investors, or collaborators with the hope of successfully forming a business relationship with these individuals at the present or in the near future.

Why Is It Important to your Business

Digital Marketing has many forms and includes many strategies. Email Marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective means to reach out to existing and potential customers.

More than 90% of all email users check their email inboxes at least once in a day. Almost 60% of respondents to a survey agree that email influences their purchase decisions. While social media is said to have 1% conversion rate, email marketing has a conversion rate of more than 2%.


One huge advantage of email marketing over other digital marketing strategies is that your audience is more likely to open and read your email message. There are, of course, many other benefits to email marketing.

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Email marketing is virtually free. Build your list. Create your content. Send out. And even when you spend on it for tools and a team to manage it, email marketing is said to generate more than $40 of sales for every $1 spent on it.

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Email marketing needs minimal management and monitoring, unlike social media marketing. You do not need to maintain a profile or any exhaustive managing.

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You Own Your List

Your email list is your own. Nobody, no platform can instantly wipe it out or deactivate it. It is not dependent on the status or amount of activity of a platform. You own it and manage it and you do not depend on a platform for it to be effective.

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Availability of Templates

Uncomfortable with writing an email message? There are many reliable sites and sources that provide templates for your email marketing campaign.

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Availability of Tools

Similarly, there many tools and sites that can make the task of running an email campaign easier and more successful.

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Relationship Building

Finally, email marketing is more personal and targetted. So you can easily build a relationship with both current and potential customers.

Email Marketing 101

Convinced of the efficacy and accessibility of email marketing? Here are some things you must take note of before your start.

Target Audience

Your target audience is a group of individuals usually composed of current and potential customers. Defining your target audience is important in ensuring the success of your email marketing campaign.

Email List

Your email list is your database of contact information, primarily email addresses. This is the list of contacts that you send out your campaigns to. Your email list may contain one or more sets of target audiences.


Aside from existing customers and potential customers, your target audience and email list may also include influencers. These may be industry experts, celebrities, and other relevant personalities who may appreciate your email marketing content and may be able to amplify your message through their own channels and platforms.


Spam or junk mail is what you do not aspire to be. Email marketing campaigns must be crafted and sent out judiciously that is useful and important to its recipients and do not end up unopened or in the junk.

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